Frugal systems design. Almost all small scale energy production is tapped into the electrical grid. Low head hydro, solar, and wind.

But these sources are typically small and it costs a lot to integrate them. Sometimes the repayment (interest) costs on intigration are more than the cost of the system itself and this ends up preventing the system from ever being built. The object of this wiki is to show and demonstrate and develop other cheaper more robust and often more productive options.

Use the power directly at the source. This means designing a small system that produces something (or several things) directly there and then. This is the option that I wish to concentrate on.

Demonstration of the meaning from my low tech research past.

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Grand project The first grand project was to find a way to irrigate my garden from a tiny stream using the power of the stream.

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Problem. The stream had very low head. Solution number 1 Home built very small ram pump. Problems Ram pump clogged with small particles, etc. Hydraulic hammer effect in the water. Solution no. 2 Suction pump using multiple stage coffee jar pump to pump water.

   Worked but 7 stages required many units.

Modification. Greater suction.