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Minimum componentsEdit

The panel system must contain a solar panel, a charge controller before the battery and a battery.

I believe a system should be as automatic as possible. It should be coupled with something else that uses energy usefully.

So, it must also contain a control after the battery so that the battery does not discharge completely and become destroyed....... What is also needed to use some of the power usefully and yet have enought for emergency use? After all, you want best use of your power without having to buy a hundred batterys.

How about a "windowfarm" powered by your solar panel

Or a small waterfeature. Maybe just a fountain in your garden pond?

Well, both of these things can be powered by an ordinary aquarium air pump. The windowfarm project has found that air pumps for aquariums are much cheaper and much more reliable than water pumps for pumping water.

Unfortunately, you have to convert to ac current for most air pumps but perhaps it is still a good option to use the excess power.

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